Establishment of the joint Institute of Iran Italy

 Publish Date: Sunday, February 18, 2018
Establishment of the joint Institute of Iran Italy
The first “meeting of the Challenges and Opportunities of Iran's Stone Industry” was held recently and talks about a memorandum of understanding between Iran and Italy's stone industry were presented. According to this agreement, it was proposed to establish an Iran and Italy stone joint Institute in the Rey City. According to experts and activists of Iran's stone industry, the largest export destination for Iranian decorative stone is the lack of technical knowledge to produce high quality products and the lack of adequate familiarity with marketing in the global market. To overcome these obstacles, creating training units for stone activists can solve the problems in this sector. According to the information provided by the authorities, the education of the activists of the decorative stone industry, in addition to Rey City, the establishment of the institute in Isfahan, Mahallat and Fars is also on the agenda. Member of the board of directors and secretary of the Iranian stone association about the establishment of Iran and Italy Institute of Stone said: The establishment of an institute is aimed at educating all stone industry activists from simple worker to undergraduate courses to improve their work and skills. Ahmad Sharifi believes that export development and increase of Iran's stone quality level depend on education which the desired result will not be achieved without it. He mentioned the results obtained from the negotiations between the Association of Iranian and Italian Stone Industries and said that the training center, which is to be founded with the investment of the Iran and Italy Stone Association, will start its operation in addition to one million and 500 thousand euros. Sharifi stated that the main node which should be opened for the development of Iran's export of stones is training and should therefore be given priority, saying: In fact, the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the technical and professional organization, the Iranian Stone Association and the Italian Stone Association which provides technical and professional facilities to the institute, which results in the Institute's activity with very high capacity. Isfahan University of Technology and educational institutions in Isfahan have been negotiating for the establishment of the institute's center in this province. The secretary of Iranian stone association has signed a memorandum of understanding with Isfahan University of Technology to establish the Institute along with Tehran to find a way to build a stone industry pole in Isfahan. In this way, two very powerful and efficient training centers will be set up and opened to enhance the level of knowledge and ability of individuals by providing practical training and theory together. Other training programs for standard production are also in mining and processing, marketing and exporting of mineral products. He believes that people working in the field of Iranian stone industry, with training in marketing and exports, can be prepared to enter the target market. The result is 100% positive. The CEO of Zarsa Zagros stone Company in an interview with Samat about the establishment of the joint institute of Iran and Italy's stone industry and its impact on this area stated: The establishment of joint educational institutions with Italy is 100% beneficial to the Iranian stone industry and it will boost and restore life to the decorative stones mines of the country. Farzad Taheri said: "One of the problems of the Iranian stone industry is the lack of sufficient knowledge to carry out mining activities. In the years 1997 to 2005, new Italian machinery was imported into Iran, but the use of them was not possible due to the lack of software and technical knowledge. He believes that holding training courses is one of the most important needs of the stone industry. For example, a country like China does not have the remarkable technology for the stone industry, but produces high-quality products due to its mastery of technical knowledge and innovation, because they define certain conditions for each stone and therefore have complete assurance of the results. According to the activist of the decorative stone industry, there are new technologies and equipment in Iran, but, on the other hand, there are no experts who have mastery and knowledge of using this equipment. On the other hand, the arrival of specialist experts from the countries that own the technology also has a high cost. Thus, holding training classes and learning the right way of working to stone industry working actors is much more important than importing equipment and technologies of the day.
Taheri stated: "Today, active users and workers in the production line should be up-to-date and know which sector of what kind of equipment and the technologies should use." The result is a major step towards the development of Iranian products exports and leads to an increase in the quality of domestic products. In response to the extent to which miners and stone industry enthusiasts are welcome to attend training classes, he said: There will certainly be a good welcome from the stone miners. Especially with the establishment of a joint institute in the Mahmoudabad area of Isfahan, stones cutter can take part in training classes. They are fully aware of the defect of their work, which is due to lack of technical knowledge. The lack of technical knowledge has always been raised at the meetings between the activists of this field and it is said that if some of Iran's decorative stone reserves were given to the leading countries in the stone industry, such as Italy, they were able to capture the global market, because the problem is only in the processing sector, and if we can properly process the products, it will surely be a positive result and a big leap in the Iran stone industry.


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