About Us

Karino Stone is proud to
open up a new world for innovators in the construction industry, with its top performances in the field of manufacturing and consulting of high quality building stones, as a starting point for creating new ways for those who think differently.
The Karino Stone consists of a group of producing building stone, consulting, commerce, design and implementation with the goal of synergy for better service to dear customers, claiming have a good memory of Karino in addition to being satisfied with the purchase of stone and services.
The Karino Stone production sector, with having the well-equipped stone-cutting machinery and the use of UV technology, produces and delivers the best construction stones, such as marmarit, travertine, marble as tiles and slabs in two distinct lines.

The Karino stone consulting sector will provide a complete knowledge of the general understanding of the construction stones and the analysis of stones and the application of each of the stones in different architectural styles, tailored to the customers' budget.
The Karino stone design sector, according to the architectural style and tastes of the distinguished customers, with its knowledge and expertise in the field of material selection and application of colors and harmony, offers its suggestions in the field of designing facades, interior design and decoration as 3-D and implementation plan of Phase 2.
The execution sector of the Karino construction stones is made up of skilled and experienced team, who have the ability to carry out stone projects, from classic and modern views, paved lobby, reception halls, stone stairs and stairways as tiles and slabs under the monitoring the Karino stone engineers.
The foreign trade sector, with its brilliant projects, has been able to export its products to 27 countries around the world, along with the world's best in the construction stone industry. Karino stone has also been successful in obtaining ISO 2001 and 2008 certificates with continuous efforts to upgrade the technology level and complying with international standards.