Stone export and ups and downs

 Publish Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Stone export and ups and downs
Our country has the ability to extract about 20 million tons of stone, and exports only less than 5 percent. According to Karino, Dr. Malek Rahmati, the vice-president of the Iranian stone association, said that there are steps such as exploration, extraction and processing from extraction to export of stones or its domestic consumption. In this way, scientific extraction and processing is very important and can be the basis for enhancing the value of the country's stone industry.
Dr. Malek Rahmati said that our country has 4 billion tons of rock reserves and one of the top 10 countries in the world. But in the extraction sector, according to the latest statistics from the total of these huge reserves, less than 20 million tons of decorative stones are extracted of which less than 5 percent is also exported. Accordingly, we first need investment in scientific and advanced extraction.
He stated: "Despite the simplification of the production process by the eleventh government, the country's stone exports are very small, due to fluctuations in the communications crisis between the countries that includes most export of Iranian stones. The highest volumes of block stone export are to Italy and China, and recently, China, which is the largest consumer of this stone, has changed the stone purchasing process, which has led to a sharp decline in block stone exports. Meanwhile, the highest amount of stone cropped exports is related to Ardebil, which this figure had a downward trend due to the crisis in the region.
Mostly, our country's marble is exported to Europe and more to Canada, but it has no effect on the country's exports of stones due to the low percentage of sales.
Currently, from 1300 stone quarries, only 75% has efficiency and we have about 4000 active stone-cutting factories.


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